Our Factories

Our Factories

CMS WorldGroup is a privately owned conglomerate of 18 factories located in Taiwan, China and Pakistan dedicated to the OEM and ODM manufacturing of products for brand marketers, private label marketers, and distributors throughout the world.

Back in the 1970’s when CMS was a new company, the primary product focus at that time was sporting goods design and manufacturing. Much has changed over the decades as CMS evolved into a vertically integrated development and manufacturing consortium offering a wide array of industrial capabilities to our customers. Today the group’s manufacturing capabilities are much more varied and include medical and orthopedic supports and braces, apparel of all kinds and other cut and sew products, footwear of all kinds, hand tools, sporting goods, leisure and recreational products, injection plastics, metals fabrication, electronics, neoprene and neoprene products. To see a short list of our manufacturing categories please click on the link below.

Fifteen of the eighteen WorldGroup factories are owned by CMS WorldGroup partners. The remaining three factories are under long term exclusive contracts with the CMS WorldGroup.

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