CMS WorldGroup for Inventors

CMS WorldGroup for Inventors

Whether your idea came to you in a dream last night or 20 years ago, CMS WorldGroup is here to help develop and possibly bring your product to a production ready state. The first step to determining if CMS can be of help is to call, email or click on the contact link below to set up a conversation to discuss your product idea(s).

A non-disclosure document signed in your favor will be sent upon request.  After we discuss your product and we feel there is merit to moving forward then we would encourage a face to face meeting with the CMS staff to go over your product(s) and discuss any changes or fine tuning you want to make.

There is no charge for the initial meeting.  Your out of pocket will be getting here and your time.

Watch the CMS interview on the Big Biz Show to learn more about how we help inventors.

The initial meeting will enable CMS to provide its recommendation on how to best move forward and the costs involved to do so.

We are a design and development manufacturer that make products to our customer’s specifications and logo, pack, ship and deliver to their door at a delivered to their door all inclusive price. CMS guarantees all products for raw materials and product workmanship.

We look forward to hear from you.

 Do you have an idea? Get started and contact us today.