Gil Miller

Senior Engineer

Gil Miller a Design Engineer and a Manufacturing Engineer for over four decades,  since graduating as a Mechanical Engineer (BSME) from the University of Pittsburgh.  Spending equal amounts of time in the office and on the plant floor has given him a unique insight into the interrelationships of component design to manufacturing process to assembly process and how each affects the others.  This results in component and sub-assembly designs that are optimized for the most cost-effective manufacturing process and error-proof assembly – the first time!

Aside from designing and optimizing products, he has also designed tools ranging from simple assembly aids, fixtures, gages, metal stamping dies, plastic injection molds, stations for automatic (robotic) assembly machines, up to entire production / assembly machines.

Some of the specific high-volume manufacturing processes of which he is very familiar are: Metal Stamping in single station dies, progressive dies and transfer presses and Plastic Molding (both thermoplastics and thermosets) in straight injection molding, compression molding and transfer-press molding machines, including insert molding (over-molding) in injection shuttle-press machines.

He has designed and overseen the production of injection molds to make parts that ran in machines ranging in size from 15 ton 1 ounce shot capacity machines (running a 10-cavity mold), up to 700 ton 6 pound shot size machines (running a single cavity mold), including straight molds, molds with side-pulls, angular pins, removable inserts and unscrewing molds (molds that have to unscrew the parts before ejecting them).

Some of the industries Gil has worked in include: Automotive, Consumer Products, Medical Device (including Class II and Class III devices, disposables, rehabilitative products, equipment and surgical instruments), Sporting Goods, Packaging and Industrial Equipment.