Jason Mastropietro

Co-Director CMS Electrical / Electronic Division

Jason Mastropietro has over 20 years of engineering experience in a broad range of industries.  He holds a Master of Science Electrical Engineering and a Master of Science Computer Science, both from Johns Hopkins University as well as a Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering from Grove City College.

He has developed systems to control scanning electron microscopes.  Jason has software experience in a product’s for automated sample preparation and analysis.  He has delivered products and updates in the medical industry including Record and Verify Software for External Beam Radiation Oncology, Peritoneal Dialysis, Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, Adult Stem Cell Separation, defibrillation, and Diabetes treatment.  Jason has developed a custom Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) used to manage a 200 person laboratory.  He has delivered electronic products in Medical, Laboratory, Mass Transit, Food Service, Restaurant, Air Pollution, consumer, and other industries.

Jason has experience in embedded (RTOS, Bare Metal, Linux, and Windows CE), PLC, Android, and Windows application environments.  He has led teams of engineers to deliver software and electronic products.  Jason has strengths in architecting, designing, developing and delivering embedded devices and applications to market.  He has served as a field service engineer for Electrostatic Precipitators, Regenerative Fume Incinerators, and Bag Houses used in industries including Power Plants, Paper Mills, Plywood Mills, Oriented Strand Board Mills, Particle Board Mills, Textile Factories, and Automobile Manufacturing.  His software languages include C, C++, C#, Java, Python, and Pascal.  He is a member of IEEE and BioFlorida.

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